Zion.T joins YG, Crush joins Club Eskimo

Has the Korean R&B scene’s favorite bromance come to an end?

In the last week, both Zion.T and Crush have moved on from Amoeba Culture and started new ventures in their music career. According to this Soompi article, Zion.T’s contract with Amoeba ends in April and although it is yet to be confirmed, he is planning to join a new label pioneered by YG producer Teddy and former YG producer Kush.

Meanwhile, earlier today artist DEAN announced that Crush has joined him and another group of artists called Club Eskimo.

Of course we can still look forward to more great music from both of these artists in the future and in reality they’re probably still the best of friends, but their departure from Amoeba still makes me a little sad. You can fall in love with their two great collabs by checking out my previous article here and make sure to like the SeoulRebels page on Facebook to stay updated!

UPDATE: Crush is most likely still signed with Amoeba Culture but will also be involved with Club Eskimo (which seems to be more like a crew, not unlike VV:D)

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