Artist Interview – Young Lion

It has been one year since I started this blog and I’m so thankful for all of you who have been reading and following since then! To mark SeoulRebel’s one year anniversary I will be releasing some new artist interviews this week!

First up, rapper Young Lion (aka C혼)! Much love to Young Lion for agreeing to answer some questions. Check out the interview below (read the Korean version here).

  • Introduce yourself. What made you decide to become a hip hop artist?

What’s going on Seoul Rebels? My name is Young Lion a.k.a. C혼 and I’m a music lover from the one and only Seoul City. For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve put out my 1st EP ‘Life Changes’ last month.

I don’t really have a single thing that made me rap. I’ve always loved music and like many people who love the art, I started writing and recording my own music. I just took it far enough to put out my EP.



  • How would you describe your music? What or who has inspired your style the most?

I couldn’t describe it if I wanted to. It’s just intuitive every time I make something so I can’t really categorize all of them.

And I can’t really say a handful of people inspired my style [either] but I listen to 50 Cent, The Quiett and Drake a lot these days.

  • How do you feel about the release of your recent EP ‘Life Changes’? What is the meaning behind the title and what is your favorite track?

My favorite track is Life Changes and the EP’s theme revolves around it. The EP was made during a few months of mid-2015 and within that time I went through a few set of events that changed my life greatly. And because of those events my values and my mindset changed along with it. I just wanted to capture the emotions that I felt during those few months and I hope that people could feel it too through my music.

  • What is the best thing about doing music? What is the hardest part?

The best thing is the feeling I get when I finish a track, or a project and knowing that this is a good piece of art. I think most artists feel the same way.

The hardest part of making music right now is I guess me living two very different lives at the same time. One, I live a life that requires a lot of time to gather and process inspiration for my music. The other life requires me to be a very efficient multi-tasker who gets all this college work and my family’s business work done in a short amount of time. I’m still struggling to do both well.

  • How did you get connected to Rem and Moro, CZA, Donutman, Crucial Star and Sik-K?

Rem and Moro (by the way, he goes by Glam Gould now) is a member of my crew New Wave Dawgs. We did some songs together in the past. Donutman is actually my high school friend. Back then I wasn’t making music but after I started I got to know the FISB-) crew. And I recently became a member as well.



  • What are you most passionate about/most interested in outside of music?

My family has been an importer and a collector of design furniture for a long time. We started very small and since I was very little the whole family’s been a part of it. So I feel very passionate and personal about our collection.

  • I really respect rappers who speak out about social issues (I saw your recent Instagram post calling out the fashion label for the use of the Japanese imperialistic symbol).

I feel like a lot of times, recognized faces such as rappers and celebrities can’t afford to be careless about what they say or do in public. But at the same time those same people are given the voice to speak about issues that matter.

The true history of Japanese Empire and the crimes they’ve committed is something people outside of Korea should also know correctly. I just couldn’t believe how international brand such as YSL was so ignorant and dull about this part of history. I had to speak my mind.

  • In your opinion, are hip hop artists in Korea aware of the issues in the U.S. in the last year regarding police, racism and black Americans?

I believe a lot of hip hop artists in Korea are aware of the issues. Mostly because American hip hop is very close to the subject. I feel for [black people] in America and support their struggle because Koreans have also been through some hard times in the modern history as well.

  • What goals do you have for this year? Are there artists you want to collaborate with?

There are quite a few. I’ve been wanting to collab with some producers like LionClad and Sec Paul. And Jinbo too. If you’re reading this Jinbo you know my SNS, @itsmeyounglion. Shout out to the big homie Jinbo and his SuperFreak Records.

As for my fans, I will be putting out another project for y’all this summer. And after that I’m going full Soundcloud warrior on y’all, so heads up!

  • What is your advice to young people in Korea who hope to pursue a career in music?

I don’t know a lot about other genre, but if y’all tryna rap, don’t learn from somebody else. Just listen to a whole bunch of good hip hop cause the internet’s full of them out there and follow your heart.

  • What song or artist do you listen to often these days?

Snakehips x Tory Lanez – Dimelo

  • What is your favorite part of doing concerts like Dog River Party? Do you enjoy performing?

I love performing on stage. So much energy that I get from the audience. So any of you reading this in Seoul, please come to our show on 2/19. Come f with yo boy and his team, cause you know it’s gon be lit. Peace.


Make sure to follow Young Lion on Twitter, SoundcloudFacebook and Instagram! And make sure to check out his ‘Life Changes’ EP. My favorite track is ‘S.A.A.B. (’98)’, what’s yours? Thanks for reading!

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