January Music Update

I have been MIA this month while preparing for the GRE but now that that’s over I will be back to posting regularly!

2016 is off to a great start for Korean R&B and Hip Hop: Artist Bumkey released his album U-Turn, Zico released ‘너는 나 나는 너’ (I am You, You are Me) from his Break Up 2 Make UP EP, Crush delivered new single ‘잊어버리지마’ (Don’t Forget) and joined producer/singer Dean and singer-songwriter Jeff Bernat for ‘What2do’.

I will release a review of U-Turn soon but in the mean time check out the music video for ‘backindadayz’ featuring Dok2 and brothers Microdot and Sanchez.


I actually really like Zico’s new song. Since the summer he has slowly worked his way onto my list of problematic faves. This release has a very different vibe from the tracks on his Gallery album but I’m here for it. There’s no denying that Zico is a talented producer. In addition to ‘I am You, You are Me’ (check out the music video below), Zico’s new EP includes ‘사랑이었다’ (It Was Love) which was written and produced by him and sung by Luna from girl group f(x).


Crush, Crush, Crush. Shin Hyo-Seob’s stage name just becomes more and more appropriate as time passes. ‘Don’t Forget’ features singer Taeyeon and the vocals are A+. The music video (below) is filmed beautifully as well. Lyrics here courtesy of PopGasa.


The smooth vocals continue with Dean’s single ‘What2do’ featuring Crush and Jeff Bernat. BLESS. I mean, can we talk about this collab? It’s almost too much to handle. Imagine an album from these three. I like that they kept the music video simple so you can really focus on the lyrics and their voices.


On the indie scene, we have two new releases. First, ‘Everything’ from The Black Skirts (검정치마). The Black Skirts is made up of one man, Bryan 휴일 Cho, who not only sings but plays guitar, keyboard and bass. The Black Skirts joined HIGHGRND earlier this month. I haven’t known about The Black Skirts very long but I loved his last song ‘Hollywood’ so I was excited for this release. Check out the music video below!

Second, we have new song ‘Spotlight’ from Daybreak:


As always, thanks for visiting SeoulRebels. If you have suggestions for articles or album reviews, let me know in the comments!

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