G2 – 식구 (Shikgoo) M/V

Hilite rapper G2 released new song ‘식구 (Shikgoo)’ a couple weeks ago and the track features the entire Hilite fam (Reddy, B-Free, Huckleberry P, Okasian, Sway D, DJ Djanga and of course the CEO himself, Paloalto).

I love this video concept, great work per usual from August Frogs. My favorite part hands down is Paloalto featuring that adorable dog. I wish Sway D had been given more and Okasian could have done better but aside from that I had a really hard time picking a favorite verse because everyone was on point and in their element. This is the best Hilite track out in a while and I’m looking forward to great things from them in 2016 (perhaps another Hilite compilation album??) Check out the video below:

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