Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Ep. 5 Recap

This episode we have reached the 1:1 diss battles. This is the week I’ve been waiting for.


Hyorin and Jiyoon both say they want to challenge Truedy and Truedy claims she wants to teach Sua a lesson. Heize says she has something to say to KittyB.

Yezi’s name gets called first and Sua stands. Sua apparently volunteered herself to avoid facing Truedy and Yezi doesn’t appreciate this.

Hyorin’s name is called next but since no one stands she must got back to her seat. She will battle whoever is left after all the pairs are decided.

Heize is next and tells San-E she knows exactly who she wants to battle. She steps forward and makes eye contact with KittyB but no one stands so she takes a seat. KittyB is called next and she has barely made it to the front before Heize volunteers.


KittyB seems unfazed but we’ll see how things turn out later.

Kasper is next to be called and both Gilme and Jiyoon volunteer, forcing Kasper to choose. Kasper picks Jiyoon, saying something about her decision being based on the fact that she doesn’t know Jiyoon well and so will be better able to diss her, something something about sportsmanship. KittyB thinks this is a bunch of BS and Gilme believes Kasper simply chose the easy route.

Truedy is called next and only Hyorin, Gilme and Yubin are left. Yubin explains why she doesn’t want to be forced to battle Hyorin:


San-E starts counting down from 5 and immediately Gilme stands, hoping that no one else volunteers.


The countdown ends and with that the selection is over. Yubin and Hyorin automatically become opponents. The other contestants are very much looking forward to their battle.


For every pair, the losing rapper will automatically be a candidate for permanent elimination.


The producers for Tracks 6 and 7 enter, Dok2 and The Quiett from Illionaire. The winner of this mission will have the opportunity to choose which producer they’d like to work with.

Round 1: 


The “attack order” is decided by a coin toss and Sua gets to start. Sua is confident but I have to admit that even I thought Yezi looked scary. Sua raps to the beat of ‘0 to 100’ by Drake and Yezi follows with the beat to ‘U Mad’ by Vic Mensa. In my opinion, Yezi came out on top. I don’t think Sua could have matched her intensity.


Part 2 of the battle Sua starts again but forgets her lyrics…she tries to recover but fails. Yezi finishes the battle, gaining praise from the producers and San-E.


Sua becomes the first candidate for elimination as Yezi is declared the winner.

Round 2: 


KittyB starts and the beat for ‘I’m OK’ by Crucial Star plays…shooooooooot. So it came out that Heize and Crucial Star had dated for two years but apparently they had already broken up before the show started. This is cold, KittyB.


KittyB said it might seem cowardly and mean but now is not the time to be weak. When she finishes even Truedy is impressed with her saying she should change her career to become a diss rapper.

Heize uses the beat to ‘Home Alone’ by Left Side and I thought she did well. So far, the battle seems evenly matched. Kitty’s second beat is ‘Big Dusty’ by Joey Bada$$. Heize messes up in the second round but manages to continue and finish the battle.

KittyB is pleased with herself and Heize looks a little worried as the producers prepare to announce the winner. They dont’ seem as sure as they did for the first battle but of course KittyB is chosen as the winner.

Round 3:


Going into this battle I think we all know that Jiyoon is in danger. ‘Hip Hop is Dead’ by Nas is the beat Jiyoon uses and she’s surprisingly good!


Why are they giving Truedy so much air time…anywho, Kasper is next, using the beat from ‘Kasper’s Lesson’ by Freshboyz Beatz. This is the strongest performance I’ve seen from Kasper the whole show but I was also kind of blown away by Jiyoon. I had no idea who the producers would pick. I agree fully with KittyB’s statement that Kasper’s lyrics were better while Jiyoon’s flow was better.

Kasper is chosen as the winner and Jiyoon seems really disappointed. I do think that she definitely deserves to stay on the show after this mission.

Round 4:


I’m so ready for this. Both Yezi and KittyB believe that Gilme could win as long as there are no lyrical mistakes. ‘Still D.R.E.’ by Dr. Dre plays and Truedy starts first. While she raps there’s a clip where Gilme says she’s fed up with Truedy being unauthentic:


Gime starts rapping using the Zico’s ‘Turtle Ship’ beat from SMTM. Truedy had this coming but who would have thought it’d be Gilme??


YES. Call. Her. Out. Gilme finishes strong and Truedy almost looks like she’s going to cry before part 2 starts. When Truedy’s second verse is over, I feel like Gilme could have the upper hand. Truedy’s lyrics did nothing for me, and that’s not just because I don’t like her. All she seems to have against Gilme is her age.

I wanted Gilme to do well so badly but she messes up her second verse. There’s tension in the air as the battle ends with Truedy stating “I’m real” and Gilme shouting “FAKE”. The disappointment on everyone’s faces is too real, we were all rooting for Gilme.

It gets mad quiet and starts to feel awkward when Truedy opens her mouth. She starts by saying, “Mirae unnie, she told me I’m the fake version of her”. She takes a deep breath before continuing, looking like she’s about to cry again and Hyorin’s face reflects exactly how I feel in this moment:


So Truedy’s feelings are hurt. So what. WHERE IS THE LIE? Truedy continues, “The reason for my tears? Just because people tell me my voice is fake. Yoon mirae respect, yes it’s very similar to Mirae Unnie. I’ve heard thousands and hundreds of misunderstanding, I’ll give it back to you now, it’s time to pay back,” blah blah blah.

UGH Truedy is picked as the winner. I’m so sad we’ll never know what could have happened if Gilme had made it through with no mistakes. Gilme says that there was no substance or story to Truedy’s lyrics at all (I CONCUR) and Truedy said it hurt her that Gilme thought of her that way. Cry me a river.

Gilme unnie you’re the best.


Round 5:


I’m not sure what to expect from these two. I don’t think either one of them wanted to battle the other but both Hyorin and Yubin are taking this seriously. Yubin wins the coin toss and starts with the beat to ‘Back to Back’ by Drake.


Hyorin uses the beat ‘Cruisin’ by Benjamin Styles. I have to admit Hyorin’s attitude seems so more fit for this challenge.


Yubin doesn’t do as well for her second verse, and because of the editing its hard to tell if she made a mistake or just said something that shocked people. Hyorin ends the battle and everyone has chills.

As they deliberate, Dok2 and The Quiett agree that they were very similar – in terms of skill level and delivery I would imagine. They mention that Yubin forgot some lyrics while Hyorin didn’t (that answers my earlier question).

Everyone seems certain Hyorin will win. What are the results?


The Queitt (in a very soft spoken voice, now I understand his name) announces that Hyorin has won the battle.

There are 5 people in danger of elimination but before we find out who’s leaving we get to hear the beat for both tracks – Track #6 produced by Dok2 and Track #7 produced by The Quiett.


The five winners of the diss battle have the opportunity to choose what tracks/producers they want. Yezi has the first choice and picks Dok2’s track. KittyB chooses The Quiett’s beat. Kasper and Truedy both choose Dok2’s track, and Hyorin makes the choice to join them as well.

Now we will discover who will be sent home. There are 4 spots left for the track mission but 5 rappers remaining. Dok2 and The Quiett will choose contestants for the 4 spots left and the contestant who isn’t chosen will be eliminated.

The Quiett’s first choice is Heize, saying that he believes she can do better. Heize is happy to be chosen but unhappy however to have to compete against KittyB again. Dok2’s first choice is Sua, who is so thankful to be safe. The Quiett prepares to make his second choice:


He picks Yubin, leaving Gilme and Jiyoon as the final two contestants in danger. San-E prepares to make the announcement when Jiyoon starts rapping, confessing in an interview clip that she had to do something. Since when did she want it this badly ya’ll?

It was a weak and somewhat embarrassing attempt at freestyle but it definitely showed her desperation. San-E asks Gilme if there’s anything she wants to show but she stays silent.


The Quiett chooses Jiyoon, sending Gilme home. Ugh this is the worst. I wanted Gilme to stick around so she could tell Truedy about herself one more time. I still don’t think Jiyoon will make it very far in this competition but she did much better than I expected during the diss battles.

From the preview for next week, it looks like two new rappers will join the show and the girls will have to battle a group of guys from SMTM.

Check back here for the next recap!

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