Joo Young Releases Third Single Album ‘3’

Korean R&B artist Joo Young dropped his third single album ‘3’ earlier this week! The album contains two tracks: ‘Downtown Love’ featuring rapper Mad Clown and female singer Whale and ‘Wet’ featuring rapper Superbee (a contestant from Show Me the Money 4 this summer).

I really like the production of ‘Downtown Love’. An R&B track with 3 artists on it could possibly feel a bit crowded but I thought Mad Clown and Whale’s verses were perfect in length and Joo Young’s ever soulful vocals left me wondering if there’s any range this boy can’t sing in?? I feel like we’ve heard his lower range with ‘91‘, his middle range in his collab with Kisum and now in ‘Downtown Love’ Joo Young gets us with these flawless high notes in the chorus and that last verse.

Now ‘Wet’…it was game over for me in the first ten seconds. I don’t like the chorus as much as I had hoped to but the rest of the song is so good it doesn’t really matter. Once again, the production is on point. Has anyone found an age for Superbee yet? Is he old enough to be rapping on a song with such a title? Superbee was such a ball of energy on Show Me The Money that I am surprised and impressed with this feature from him. He favored rapping to faster beats on the show but here he’s able to rap with a more mellow beat without compromising on delivery or losing a bit of swag. There’s an MV coming soon (so brace yourselves) but in the meantime listen to the track below:

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