Throwback Thursday – MC Sniper ‘Better Than Yesterday’

I’ve got a little less than an hour and half before midnight here in Central Standard Time so there’s still time for a #tbt post for the week. ‘Better Than Yesterday’ was one of the first Korean rap tracks in my iTunes library. From MC Sniper’s album ‘How Bad Do You Want It’ released in 2007, it features 7 other artists: Outsider, MC BK, Room9, TakTak36, DJ Road, Zenio7 (or Moowoong) and DJ R2. Check out this review of the song (written 8 years ago, wow) from music source Spark Plugged.

I personally consider this one a classic but it’s also nostalgic for me from my high school years. I’d love to know where some of these guys are today. Each artist’s name comes up in the video as they appear for reference. Check out the music video below and let me know who’s verse was your favorite in the comments!

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