Primary ‘2-3’ Album Review

Primary’s latest single album ‘2-3’ was released a few days ago and it contains two tracks, ‘마일리지 (Mileage)’ featuring Paloalto and Hwasa from girl group Mamamoo and ‘아끼지마 (Don’t Be Shy)’ featuring ChoA from girl group AOA and rapper Iron.

Primary’s music is heavily jazz-influenced and ‘Mileage’ is very characteristic of him as an artist. Paloalto’s work as a producer and rapper always has a jazz-infused feel so this collaboration just makes sense. I haven’t listened to Mamamoo at all but I enjoyed Hwasa’s voice on this track.

‘Don’t Be Shy’ is the title track of this album. I have to say Choa’s voice works really well with the reggae beat. I’ve seen things about Iron here and there the last couple of months so I had high hopes for his feature on this track. He appeared on Show Me the Money season 3 and released his single ‘blu’ back in March. Unfortunately, I don’t think his verse was long enough to really showcase his rapping.

Ultimately, this release was my least favorite so far in the ‘2’ series. I prefer ‘Mileage’ musically but ‘Don’t Be Shy’ is a nice chill summer track that might grow on me the more I listen. I heard the music video for ‘Don’t Be Shy’ was…strange before I watched it. Check it out for yourself below (with English subs thanks to 1theK)!

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