Crush – Oasis (feat. Zico) M/V

The music video for ‘Oasis’, the title track of Crush’s latest project, was released yesterday and has already reached over 300,000 views!

I personally like ‘You and I’ a bit better than ‘Oasis’. It’s a solid R&B song with some trap influence sprinkled in. The song is only 2 minutes and 40 seconds long so it operates as an intro of sorts to ‘Oasis’.

‘Oasis’ has a great beat and Crush’s vocals are perfect. I didn’t feel that Zico’s OG Maco/Keith Ape-inspired bit really fit the rest of the song. Despite that, there’s no denying Zico is a talented rapper so the collab worked well. The natural scenery in the video is gorgeous and I don’t mind Crush’s blonde look but I didn’t feel the backup dancers added much to the video. To be honest, the best part for me was when Zion.T slides in around the 2:42 mark. I wasn’t surprised to see him at all considering his close relationship with Crush and it was good to see his face and hear his voice.

The video is English subbed thanks to 1theK but Pop!Gasa’s lyrics may be more accurate (find them here). Check out the video below!

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