Cokejazz & Hoody – Blue Horizon

Producer Cokejazz and vocalist Hoody Kim officially released their collaboration single ‘Blue Horizon’ earlier this week along with a music video for the track. The duo performed the track live back in December along with another song they’ve worked on together called ‘Diamond, Life and Loverboy’.

I really enjoyed the last song I heard with Cokejazz and Hoody on it (the collab ‘Love Last Forever‘ with B-Free from Hilite Records) so I was excited to see that they have ‘debuted’ as an official duo with their own Youtube channel. I still don’t know much about Hoody or her background as an artist, but I do know that she’s talented. She wrote and produced a solid single last August titled ‘Baby Oh Baby’ (Cokejazz appears in the music video).

‘Blue Horizon’ is the perfect summertime chill, neo-soul/jazz track. Beautifully directed by August Frogs, the music video’s visuals fit the song so well. I was glad to see Cokejazz and Hoody themselves appear throughout the video. Check it out below!

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