Tiger JK releases ‘Good To See You Again’, AOMG on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and new single from Sweden Laundry


On Monday, Korean indie duo Sweden Laundry’s new song ‘Anniversary’ was available to fans. ‘Anniversary’, much like the rest of Sweden Laundry’s music, is a beautiful soothing song. Listen to it below:

Tiger JK has been teasing his upcoming track ‘반가워요’ (Good to See You Again) via his Instagram account and now it’s finally here! Through the lyrics (“It’s good to see you, long time no see. Do you still remember?”) Tiger JK sends a message to his older fans, those who have followed him and listened to his music for a while. My appreciation for Tiger JK and his music is that much greater after listening to his recent interview with Danny Chung. I’m so glad that through all the hard times and challenges Tiger JK has continued to share his music with the world. ‘반가워요’ has an old school feel reminiscent of old Drunken Tiger tracks and Yoonmirae is perfect on the chorus. Check out the music video with English lyrics below! MFBTY Intl posted an article with a short analysis of the scenes in the music video here.

Finally, on the latest episode of Sketchbook, Gray, Loco, and Jay Park performed! Gray and Loco have been great additions to the AOMG family and I’ve enjoyed the music they’ve produced in the last year. All three guys are charming performers and I was really glad Gray performed ‘Just Do It’. I was disappointed that they only performed shortened versions of songs but the interview portion is great. Loco seems like a really goofy guy and it was funny to hear him and Gray explain the meanings behind their stage names. Jay Park discusses the “burden” of having to work out a lot at his age(29…) because his fans are disappointed if he doesn’t remove his shirt during performances. Okay, Jay Park. Whatever you say. See the performances and the rest of the interview below!


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