First Listen – PRIMARY ‘2-1’ Mini-Album

Producer and musician Choi Dong Hoon, better known as Primary, is back! His last major project was the 2-Disc LP ‘Primary and the Messengers’ released in 2012 but he most recently collaborated with Hyuk Oh to bring us ‘Lucky You!’, an excellent album that I’ve had on repeat for the last two weeks. At the end of March he was on tour with Amoeba Culture in the U.S. playing shows in Atlanta and New York.

I have listened to all three tracks from Primary’s new mini-album ‘2-1’ and it’s pure gold. Here’s a quick review with my thoughts on each song:


Track 1 – 조만간 봐요 (Title Track)

So I’ll have to agree with some other fans that this is very reminiscent of 만나 feat. Zion T from the ‘Messengers’ LP but it’s also very different. I haven’t heard enough from Kim Bum Soo to call myself a fan but his vocals are definitely the strong point of this track. I love all of the instruments that are woven in and they’re all showcased well in the music video for this track. I do wish that Gaeko’s rap section had been longer but that’s my only complaint.

Track 2 – 머리 세웠어

This track is VERY Junggigo (where’s he been anyway?). What I really appreciate about Primary’s music is how well he is able to showcase the talents of singers and rappers he works with and yet each song maintains an essence and quality that is easily identifiable with him as an artist. I like this song a lot but not as much as the title track.

Track 3 – U

Okay, this is my favorite song on the album. The chill beat, Kwon Jin Ah’s vocals, that bass line, the strings that come in strong in the second half of the song, and to top it all off a couple verses from ever versatile, ever talented Rap Monster. All the elements come together perfectly to produce a great track with a nice jazz lounge vibe.

I strongly suggest listening to ‘2-1’, its one my favorite releases from this year so far. You can download the album here!

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