Artist Highlight: MKIT RAIN

MKIT RAIN, based in LA, is made up of artists Loopy, Owen Ovadoz, Bloo, Nafla, and Young West. The first four are featured on the track ‘Weathermen’ released last year:

MKIT RAIN was formed early last year. If you check the comments on their Youtube videos, most are from Korean fans. Despite many of the artists repping the West Coast, MKIT RAIN has done most of their promotion in Korea or in the LA underground scene, so they don’t seem to have attracted too many American fans compared to other Korean hip hop artists so far.  That may change in the future. In the meantime, here’s a quick introduction to the men of MKIT RAIN. First up, Loopy.

You can’t know Loopy and not know ‘Gear 2’, arguably one of his most well known tracks:

There’s not much background info out there on Loopy.  Loopy can sometimes be a little too rough around the edges for my taste. Yes, it does sound like he says the n-word in his ‘Hot N***a’ remix and if he did, it’s problematic (and unfortunately, not the first time a Korean rapper has done so). That aside, I like Loopy’s flow, I just want more from him lyrically. Lately, his lyrics are minimal and he’s become one of those artists you either love or hate. His style is like a strange mix of Madeintyo and CJamm.  

Loopy dropped his Ice album earlier this year. The first 6 tracks are from his Ice Tape A EP, a couple of them pre-released as singles. The full album has 8 additional tracks. The album features the other MKIT Rain artists and an artist by the name of niahn that I’ve come across on Soundcloud. 

Overall, this album was too one-dimensional for me. That being said, the best tracks on the album in my opinion are ‘Rrrr’, ‘Problems’, and ‘Blacklist (feat. nafla)’. 

Loopy recently featured on Code Kunst’s Muggles Mansion album and he featured on one of my favorite tracks from Paloalto’s latest album.

Next up is Nafla. In addition to releasing his own music, Nafla has made his mark as an artist with several notable features. My first memory of Nafla was probably on Dynamic Duo’s track ‘J.O.T.S.’ released a while back. He has worked with Babylon on a track and appeared on Dumfoundead’s single ‘Mijangwon’ with Loopy. One of my favorite features of Nafla was on the GroovyRoom track ‘YNF’ which also featured Verbal Jint.

Most recently, Nafla was featured on the Sous Chefs’ latest release ‘N.W.A.’ 

Back to Nafla’s own music, one of his most popular singles ‘Wu’ is from his mixtape THIS & THAT (released in 2015?).  

Here’s another song released by Nafla in 2015:

Last year, Nafla released a new album titled New Blood.  ‘Kings’ is probably the best song in my opinion.

Moving on to Bloo, most of his music can be found on his SoundCloud.  He has an entire mixtape from last year, titled ‘Tony’, uploaded there and available for download. I’ve probably listened to Bloo and Young West the least out of the group. To be completely honest, I don’t think Young West is very good, although he is featured on a quite a bit of the other MKIT RAIN artists’ music. He has plenty of content on Youtube and Soundcloud as well.

Last but certainly not least, my boy Owen Ovadoz. I’m a huge fan of this guy. I enjoy his style, and after watching a couple of his interviews (you should  watch too – there’s one linked here and one below), I respect his approach to music and his thoughts on doing hip hop in Korea.

Hands down, my favorite collection of Owen Ovadoz’s music can be found on his P.O.E.M. album, released early in 2016.  I have marked my favorite tracks in my iTunes (check the screenshot below):


I’m looking forward to big things from Owen Ovadoz in the future. I’m excited for more music from him and pH-1 (aka Sous Chefs).

What are your thoughts on MKIT RAIN and who’s your favorite member? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading.

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