Babylon – ‘처음 본 여자는 다 예뻐’ feat. Lil Boi – M/V and Review


Baby girl, why are you so pretty?
Do you have a nice personality too?
If you do, then what am I gonna do?

Babylon gave us much to look forward to with his teaser for his new single ‘처음 본 여자는 다 예뻐’ (Girls I’ve Never Seen Before Are All Pretty) (you can find the lyrics here courtesy of PopGasa) and I’m not disappointed. His vocals are delightful per usual and his dance moves have made a return! Yessss boi you better with those body rolls.

I really like the way this song is composed. I love the chorus and Lil Boi’s verse is a great addition to the track.

Check out the music video and his debut live performance below!

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