Giriboy -기계적인 앨범 (Mechanical Album) [Album Review]


Giriboy is a rapper with unique style and great delivery. Dazed Magazine just wrote up an amazing article on Giriboy that you can read here. I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with him this year but I listened to his latest album 기계적인 앨범 (Mechanical Album) and wrote up a quick review!

Track 1 – You’re A Medical
This is the kind of first track that gives you a good feeling about the rest of the album. This song had my head bobbing. It starts with a little trap flavor and ends with this great instrumental house groove.

Track 2 – I’m In Trouble (feat. Loco)
A little too much going on production wise for me, a great beat but too much layered on top. Loco’s rapping fit well. More of a r&b/pop sound than hip hop.

Track 3 – 우주비행1 (Space Flight 1)
This one is weird but in a really good way. One word I would use for Giriboy as an artist is quirky and this track is 100% him from start to finish. The instrumental of this track would be hype in and of itself and Giriboy’s bars are the icing on top.

Track 4 – LO:OP (feat. Samuel Seo)
There’s an unpredictable quality to Giriboy’s songs that keeps you on your toes because you aren’t exactly sure what you’re going to hear next. I got to the end of this song and immediately needed to listen again to fully appreciate all of the components.

Track 5 – 말하자면 길어 / 다운 (It’s Complicated/Down)
Giriboy’s rapping/vocals are pretty sparse on the first half of the track (말하자면 길어) with more focus on the instrumentals and then he delivers a bit more for the ‘Down’ half.

Track 6 – 공황 (Panic)
Lyric translations are always essential but I especially felt that with this one. This one has a darker vibe (as expected from the title) and I love the overall sound.

Track 7 – 아침 (Morning)
A jazzy instrumental outro with an extraterrestrial feel to it that fits Giriboy’s persona

If you’re looking for something different but Genius Nochang’s level of experimentalism is a little too much for you, then I would highly recommend this album!

What’s your favorite song from the album?

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