Verbal Jint x Yang Da Il – 오늘 쓱

Verbal Jint has teamed up with Brand New Music label-mate Yang Da Il to bring us new song ‘오늘 쓱’. Earlier this year I wrote up a review of Verbal Jint’s Go Hard album and discussed the huge impact he has continued to have on the hip hop music scene in Korea. I really respect Verbal Jint’s artistry because he consistently stands out not only compared to other Korean hip hop artists but also compared to other artists within his own label. I can safely Verbal is my favorite Brand New artist and  this collaboration has me very excited for Yang Da Il’s career. Listen for yourself:

Yang Da Il is a talented R&B vocalist who released his first EP just yesterday. You can watch the music video for one of the songs, ‘사랑했던걸까’, below!

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