CJamm -신기루 (Illusion) M/V and Interview

Last month rapper CJamm uploaded a track titled ‘신기루’ (Illusion) to his Soundcloud and along with it released a music video.

In a candid interview, CJamm explains his intentions behind the track: “After releasing the song, I wanted both the rappers and the listeners to feel something personally. For rappers, they’d be like “the game needs to be more ‘real’ from now on.” CJamm speaks more on how the track resulted in drama in the Korean hip hop community that he feels responsible for starting. It’s cool to see CJamm open up and share his thought process behind the track and his reaction to the effect it has had on other hip hop artists.

CJamm has definitely grown on me as an artist. I love the beat for ‘Illusion’ and I enjoyed his last solo album ‘Good Boy Doing Bad Things’. He has great rhythm and flow and his lyrics are witty and frank.

You can watch the music video and the interview (both English subbed) below! What do you think of the track?

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