Junggigo – ‘247’ (일주일) feat. Zion. T, Crush, DEAN

R&B artist Junggigo is back with his single ‘247’! It has been over a year since Junggigo released a song but he most recently featured on Dok2’s song ‘니가 없네네 (Miss You)’. This track is STACKED. DEAN is a 22-year-old up and coming R&B vocalist and Zion. T and Crush need no introduction.

Here’s more about the song from 1theK’s description:

“The song is a neo-soul genre that fits his voice perfectly, and it is also the result of the popular trendsetters work combined amazingly together. With Junggigo in the center,the R&B leaders of Korea such as Zion.T, Crush and Dean joined. Also, the hit song maker Kush and Peejay joined the composing and lyric writing as well as producing.

The song ‘247’ shows the weird feeling that one gets on the first week of breakup.
The four singers are singing to this simple sympathy amazingly well together, as if they are one. Junggigo have always taken the second place, joining songs as a featuring voice. This time he is taking the leading role and leading the whole song. With his experience in the career, and the R&B leaders of today, the track shows the detailed sentiment very well. It’s also a song that goes with the fall weather where the wind is blowing.”

I really love this track. All of their voices blend so well together. What did you think? Comment below!

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