Kisum – You & Me (심상치 않아) feat. Jooyoung

“Kisum, who had played a keen rapping survival game at ‘UNPRETTY RAPSTAR’ at the early this year, has been being loved by the public for her aggressive rapping style with a cute but bad girl image.
Now she releases her first album [You & Me] which she had steadily prepared even with her busy schedules from a series of lovecalls for featuring, advertisement, photo shoots and etc.” 
(from 1theK Youtube channel)

Rapper Kisum has released her single ‘You and Me’ featuring R&B artist Jooyoung. I didn’t watch Unpretty Rapstar and hadn’t heard much about Kisum until I started watching Show Me the Money this season and saw that her good friend female rapper Kasper auditioned for the show.

The colorful video is fun to watch and perfect for a summertime release. I think Kisum’s rapping fits well with Jooyoung’s vocals (UGH HIS VOICE) and I especially liked Kisum’s second verse. ‘You & Me’ definitely left me wanting to hear more from her. The hip hop scene, especially in Korea, is still very male dominant so it’s great to find another strong female hip hop artist. Watch the video with subs courtesy of 1theK below!

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