MFBTY – BuckuBucku (부끄부끄) Music Video| ‘Wondaland’ Preview

GUYS. First and foremost, it is always good to hear from the king and queen of Korean hip hop. While I am well acquainted with Rap Monster (check out his recent collab with Warren G) I have not heard from EE or Dino-J before (EE is an electronic duo and Dino-J is a new artist signed to Feel Ghood Music according to

I love the swagger exuding from Tiger, Mirae and Bizzy in this video. There are no unneeded elements, nothing flashy and the whole video feels like a cypher as the artists spit lines in black and white. The MFBTY clan is flawless with their delivery per usual and RapMon definitely shines here. I will choose to politely ignore all the BTS fan girls in the comments who don’t even know who Tiger and Yoonmirae are… but hey, their loyalty to RapMon brought them to the video right? Hopefully they’ll educate themselves soon.

This release makes me very excited for the full album. Check out the track list here!

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